Website Services

Make your website a destination.


Dynamic web content drives customer engagement. Providing first-time and returning customers with substance gives you an edge over your competition. We want to help you tell the world who you are and what makes your business unique. Offer a place that speaks directly to your customers by adding updated content, answering your customer’s questions, and providing exclusive offers or discounts. Give your customers a way to locate and contact you and the ability to give you feedback. But most importantly, give them a clean, easy-to-navigate website without breaking the budget. Our company uses WordPress to deliver fresh responsive website solutions that respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation.

There are thousands of Themes (templates) at and other sites. KTS has purchased the rights to the themes at Elegant Themes.  The professional versions of these themes are free to our customers with only the labor to customize as a cost.  To see the themes we offer click the Elegant Themes button below.  You can also visit sites we have designed and implemented by clicking on the Open button.

No domain name? No hosting site? No worries!

Selecting a domain name is an important marketing tool for your business. We can research URL availability and make sure it is registered to your company.  We can help you find a hosting company that has the applications and feature sets that you need today and tomorrow.