Unified Communication Services Pricing

Prices as low as $26.99 per month with free phones, free provisioning, and free configuration*. We can demonstrate the system for free with no obligation. 

  • Service assumes you (the customer) have a broadband internet connection.
  • We do not employ sales people.  We can demo the system and let you decide…no pressure.
  • Package prices do not include taxes and government fees.  There is a small one-time local number porting fee.
  • Each user account created is entitled to a rebate that can be used toward a phone.  There are several models fully covered by the rebate and some that are reduce in price.  A small shipping fee is not covered.
  • Our company will manage the entire process of moving your phone number(s) to our system (provisioning) for free.  In addition, we will help you personalize the system to your preferences (configuration) for the first month free.
  • Any configuration changes after the first month are charged at our Tier 1 additional-hours rate ($12.50 per quarter hour).  If you are an existing subscription customer for IT, Software, and Website services, you just use your monthly service hours or the Tier 1 additional-hours rate; whichever is lower.

Managed IT, Software, and Website Services Pricing

Our pricing plans for your office are per hour, not per computer.*

All plans have access to all the services we offer: IT Support, Custom Software, Website Services. This allows you to plan your monthly services depending on your current technology needs. To reduce your costs and ours, there is a reduced rate when services can be performed remotely. Website creation and custom software development fall under the remote rate (except initial consultation).

Tier 1


  • $380.00 Month (49% off)*
  • 10 hours guaranteed each month remote or onsite
  • Additional hours are $50 per hour remote; $55 per hour onsite
  • Billed by the quarter-hour

Tier 2


  • $267.00 Month (28% Off) *
  • 5 hours guaranteed each month remote or onsite
  • Additional hours are $55 per hour remote; $60 per hour onsite
  • Billed by the quarter-hour

Tier 3


  • $70.00 Month (7% Off) *
  • 1 hour guaranteed each month remote
  • Additional hours are $60 per hour remote; $65per hour onsite
  • Billed by the quarter-hour

Price Your Own


  • Price per hour: $75.00
  • Base discount: 10%
  • Per hour discount: 4%
  • Administrative Fee: $5.00
  • Discount caps at 50%
  • Billed by the quarter-hour

When contemplating a pricing plan consider monthly maintenance. All devices need some varying degree of upkeep. While we try to automate as much of that maintenance as we can, it has to be monitored and checked on a regular basis. The time monthly maintenance takes can depend on a number of factors that include but are not limited to the number of devices, employee attrition, help desk, etc.

  • For IT support, the above plans assume there is a separate device (server) on site to install our management software.  For sites that do not have a device to install our management software, the charge is $2.00 per month for each managed device.